KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Group

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Our History

Legacy / Innovation / Excellence

The history of the KSPT Group traces back to 1951 when SGS Precision Carbide Tools was established in Akron, Ohio, initially focusing on local carbide tool bit resharpening and regrinding services. Over the years, SGS expanded its operations globally, reaching a milestone in 1969 with the manufacturing of its first Solid Carbide End Mill. Simultaneously, in Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Ceramics Corp, Ltd. (now KYOCERA Corp.) was founded in 1959, specializing in fine ceramics. The expansion continued, with KYOCERA establishing its cutting tool business in 1971 and expanding globally, including North America in 1977.

In 2016, KYOCERA strategically acquired SGS Tool Company, Hardcoating Technologies, SGS Medical Division, and SGS UK Division, bringing them together under the umbrella of the KSPT (KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools) Group. The journey culminated in 2021 when KYOCERA Precision Tools Inc. (KPTI) and KSPT merged, forming the new KSPT Group. This consolidated entity represents decades of innovation, strategic mergers, and a commitment to excellence in precision tools and cutting-edge technology. The KSPT Group has emerged as a formidable force in the industry, combining the expertise and heritage of its founding companies to lead the way in the world of precision tools.


SGS Precision Carbide Tools Established in Akron, OH as a local carbide tool bit resharpening and regrinding company.

Original historic SGS logo


Kyoto Ceramics Corp, Ltd. (Now KYOCERA Corp.) founded in Kyoto, JP as a company specializing in fine ceramics.

Kyoto Ceramics team in 1959


SGS moves to a larger building in Springfield Township, OH.


SGS manufactures its first Solid Carbide End Mill.


KYOCERA establishes cutting tool business, focused on high-speed machining of ceramic tools.

Black and white aerial image of Kyocera's Sendai Plant


KYOCERA establishes North American Cutting Tool business through KYOCERA International Inc. in San Diego, CA. The business transfers to KYOCERA Industrial Ceramics Corp (KICC) in Hendersonville, North Carolina later.


SGS Carbide Tool (UK) Ltd established in Camberley, Surrey England, launching a sales office, warehouse, and grinding shop serving the European market.

SGS's UK office and team


HardCoating Technologies, Ltd. is established to provide coating needs for carbide tools and other industrial components.

Hard Coating Building


KYOCERA Tycom Corporation (KTC) is established through the acquisition of Tycom Corporation, a producer of carbide cutting tools for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.


KYOCERA acquires On Time Machining (OTM), a manufacturer of indexable tool holders in Wapakoneta, OH. This facility becomes part of the KICC Cutting Tool Division.


SGS Medical Division is established through the acquisition of Oak View Tooling in Warsaw, IN. The company specializes in manufacturing surgical cutting devices and orthopedic tools for the medical market.


KICC Cutting Tool Division merges with KTC to create KYOCERA Precision Tools Inc. (KPTI), marketing indexable, micro-tools, and PCB tools to the North American market.

Creation of Kyocera's cutting tool division


SGS expands the end mill operation by building a 75k square foot facility on its 20-acre campus in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

C3 Building shorting after construction at sunrise


KYOCERA acquires SGS Tool Company, Hardcoating Technologies, SGS Medical Division, and SGS UK Division forming the KSPT Group.


KPTI and KSPT are merged to form the new KSPT Group