KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Group

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Medical & Surgical Tools

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KYOCERA SGS Medical (KSPT Medical) is a leading manufacturer of surgical instruments built for precision. Offering instruments for drilling, cutting, or fixating bones during surgery KSPT Medical provides fast and flexible services focusing on quality and the client’s needs. Empowering production is the grinding facility located in Columbia City, Indiana where 100% of the instruments are ground.

Our Unique Expertise in Surgical Instrument Manufacturing

Within the industry of surgical instruments, consideration must be given to specific needs and requirements. KSPT Medical partners with clients in developing and manufacturing cutting and drilling devices, and instruments to secure bone with highly customized solutions. Capabilities include CNC milling, Swiss turning, grinding, profiling, bending, and customized assembly. Serving both standard and custom orders, KSPT Medical prides itself on fast turnaround coupled with responsive support.