KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Group

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Printed Circuit Board Tools

Milling  |  Holemaking  |  Countersinking  |  Routing


KYOCERA designs and manufactures tight tolerance precision carbide cutting tools for printed circuit board applications. These products include drills, routers, end mills, and specialized cutting tools ranging from 0.05mm to 6.70mm diameters (0.0020″ – 0.2638″).

Cutting-Edge, Cost-Efficient Solutions

KYOCERA’s products are manufactured with the finest carbide grades available. Our product development laboratory continually evaluates new materials from carbide manufacturers around the world. As a result, KYOCERA applies the latest developments in material science to the design and manufacture of precision cutting tools.

KYOCERA is also a world leader in the area of drill resharpening and tool management services. A focus on the customers’ tool utilization has led to technological developments that significantly extend tool life and reduce drilling cost.