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KYOCERA Launches New Multi-Functional Milling Series with Tangentially Mounted Inserts

MA90 carbide insert in action in a CNC milling operations

KYOCERA introduces the MA90 Milling Series featuring 4-edge tangentially mounted inserts, ensuring ultimate body rigidity, superior chip evacuation, enhanced tool life, and impeccable surface finishes. 

Available in a variety of inch and metric end mill, face mill, and modular head sizes, the MA90 gives customers additional benefits than are offered from conventional cutters. The MA90 mills are designed with rigidity and ease-of-use in mind. Due to its design with tangentially mounted inserts where the insert screws are on the side, cutting forces are directed into the insert pocket corner. On conventional mills where the screw is on the front, cutting forces directed over the edge of the insert can build tension on the screw. The tangential design also allows for more teeth per diameter, better chip evacuation, and larger web thickness giving a significant amount of rigidity to the body. 

When paired with the latest PR18 Series inserts, the MA90 demonstrates its capability to effortlessly and reliably tackle various materials, maintaining the level of performance that machinists have grown accustomed to from KYOCERA products. PR18 Series insert grades incorporate proprietary MEGACOAT NANO EX coating technology, setting a new standard for wear resistance and durability. By using a unique double lamination technique with special nano multi-layers for abrasion, wear, and heat resistance, this coating surpasses conventional grades, delivering superior performance and extending the lifespan of the tools. 

Features & Benefits

  • Tangentially mounted inserts for greater rigidity, chatter resistance, and chip evacuation 
  • High quality surface finish with large axial rake and included wiper edge 
  • Excellent wall accuracy with precise peripheral grinding specifications 
  • Multi-functional designs for facing, shouldering, slotting, ramping, helical milling, pocketing, contouring, and plunging operations 
  • Economical inserts with 4 cutting edges 
  • Easy-to-replace inserts with screws on the side 
  • Next generation PR18 Series MEGACOAT NANO EX milling insert technology for extended tool life in a wide range of materials 

Product Details

  • End Mill Diameters: 0.625” – 1.500” | 16mm – 50mm 
  • Face Mill Diameters: 1.500” – 3.000” | 40mm – 125mm 
  • PR1825 Recommended for Steels 
  • PR1835 Recommended for Stainless Steels and Titanium Alloy 
  • PR1810 Recommended for Cast Irons 
  • CA6535 for Heat-Resistant Alloys and High-Speed Stainless Steel Machining 
  • PR015S (GH Chipbreaker) for Hardened Materials 


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